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”But do newsletters actually work?” you may ask. The short answer is a definite YES, because a well thought out and designed newsletter, sent to the right audience will hit the spot. The two main purposes of newsletter marketing are to (a) engage and nurture subscribers (existing- and prospective customers), and (b) provide content that would interest or address the problems or questions of the target audience.

Of course there are some initial pains associated with sending newsletters, e.g. setting up an account with a reputable email newsletter company, deciding on a newsletter topic, gathering the relevant newsletter content, styling the newsletter, testing that it displays on all devices, sourcing the email contacts (audience) and timing the actual send to you have the highest possible chance of getting the best response, and lastly to manage unsubscribes etc.

Leave all of the above to Infinity Web, we deliver an email newsletter service making use of MailChimp (link).

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July 9, 2019

The GIG Economy and More

In a recent Cape Argus article, the writer mentions the term “Gig Economy”, and any information technology (IT) minded person would think it relates to the IT industry, which is actually wrong BUT indirectly is does! Explanation: The gig economy is a labour market characterized

January 9, 2019

Out with the old, in with the new, and more…

So it has been more than five years that the Infinity Web logo has been in use and it has served us well. But a small revamp every now and again is perhaps a good approach, as such we made some enhancements to our logo but still kept the general feel

December 9, 2018

Thank You And Good Bye 2018!

Most of the business in South Africa would probably love to close the book on 2018 and not revisit it (ever) again as the past twelve months can only be described as a “character building” year, and if you are still standing at this point in time, your odds for succeeding in 2019 are looking good. But let’s not go