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”But do newsletters actually work?” you may ask. The short answer is a definite YES, because a well thought out and designed newsletter, sent to the right audience will hit the spot. The two main purposes of newsletter marketing are to (a) engage and nurture subscribers (existing- and prospective customers), and (b) provide content that would interest or address the problems or questions of the target audience.

Of course there are some initial pains associated with sending newsletters, e.g. setting up an account with a reputable email newsletter company, deciding on a newsletter topic, gathering the relevant newsletter content, styling the newsletter, testing that it displays on all devices, sourcing the email contacts (audience) and timing the actual send to you have the highest possible chance of getting the best response, and lastly to manage unsubscribes etc.

Leave all of the above to Infinity Web, we deliver an email newsletter service making use of MailChimp (link).

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February 9, 2018

Website Hosting Improvements and Prices for 2018

From time to time, any business needs to take stock of its resources and do a bit of planning. As such, Infinity Web had a significant upgrade to its servers and capacity in the month of February, basically doubling things like CPU’s,
Disk Space and Internet Bandwidth,

January 5, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

As the email messages start to pile up with the dawn of the new year, we as entrepreneurs and business owners are bracing ourselves for what this new year will bring. The prospect of new business, perhaps completing some projects from 2017, or perhaps implementing that idea which you have been mulling over?

January 25, 2018

Google Products Used For Marketing ADWORDS

Google Adwords can allow you to be top of the search page almost instantly; we provide this service for about +30 clients and can happily refer you to any of them. As such, we recommend any client to seriously consider this. Cost entirely depends on your budget and we will happily explain this in detail.