WordPress & Website Design

Using a CMS or Content Management solution allows you the client a fair level of control over the website content should you want; Infinity Web recommend that we used WordPress. This will allow you to control the website content, menu (pages) and images. WordPress is very well supported and can be regarded as the CMS of choice internationally. You can get the following starting at R7,800.

Standard Product Catalogue Custom Requests
R7,800 R12,100  
Yes The latest version of WordPress installed on your domain. Yes Need an online product catalogue & Payments? Yes Need ongoing website support, a custom website or Travel Portal?
Yes A creative “look and feel” for the website using a professional website template design. Yes Using the WooCommerce catalogue for an online list of your products. Yes We support legacy ASP, ASP.Net and PHP websites
Yes Responsive 5-7 static website pages with content populated. Yes Payments can be done via PayPal, PayGate or via PayFast. Yes All our hosting servers are based in South Africa
Yes Basic SEO will be done. Yes Loading of the first 20 products included  
Yes Stationary like an email signature & letterhead. Yes All inclusive cost R12,100  
Yes Access to the WordPress admin website.    
Yes A Google Analytics account created and set up (tracking website visitors and statistics).    
Yes Hosting of the website and email starting at R90pm, ongoing support as and when required.    
Yes All inclusive cost R7,800    
Contact us with your requirement for a free assessment and quotation  
There can be no argument for not having a website, unless you have too much business. So the question is no longer IF you should get a website, but rather how much time and effort you should be spending on your company’s website.
A website is accessible through your website domain name, like you can visit our website through typing www.infinityweb.co.za in your website browser. This then is connected to your own personalised email like info@infinityweb.co.za which allows clients to contact you 24 hours of the day. Now a template website is a quick and effective way to get going quickly. If your marketing budget and the pressure allows for it, you can consider a custom built website.
Start by getting your own website domain name through Infinity Web, followed by setting up your email account(s) and discussing options for your website. Standards. We have been doing this for more than 10 years, so we can confidently say “Leave this to the experts!”.

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