Social Media Platforms and Integration

Get a Facebook Fan Page or integrated Website Plugin for only R499!

Facebook Fan Page

R495 once off

  • You get:
  • Facebook account creation.
  • Fan page customization.
  • A creative fan page banner.
  • A growing number of clients.
  • Ideal for:
  • business with clients who are online.
  • Consider:
  • Getting the Facebook Social Media Plugin.
  • Getting a professional website if you don’t have one.

Social Media Plugin Integration

* R495 once off

  • You get:
  • Choose one of a number of Facebook or Twitter plugins which we can integrate.
  • Free updates to your website for life! (Done by yourself of course).
  • A growing number of clients.
  • Ideal for:
  • Any business with clients who are online.
  • Consider:
  • Getting the Facebook Fan Page.
  • Let Infinity Web manage your online profile.

* Please speak to a consultant to confirm, just in case your website is written in some alien website code.

Social Media has finally become mainstream in South Africa. This means that if your business does not have a Facebook fan page, promoting specials on Twitter, or have a product demo or video on YouTube, you are missing out on free exposure and potential business. See and like our Facebook fan page here.
Your Facebook Fan page will act as a magnet for your clients, sourcing them with the latest news about you, your products and what’s cooking. All they have to do is to click LIKE on your fan page. All you have to do is to keep your page up to date, and we can even help with that. And best of all, once you have the fan page, it is literally free marketing as Facebook don’t charge for this service. Then let us embed Facebook or Twitter directly into your website, so what you post on the fan page, will show immediately on your website!
Well it’s very simple really, if you can do with more business, then you need to explore social media as a serious marketing channel. If you don’t need additional business, you may stop reading now. But rather give us a call and get clients knocking on the door.

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